Marriland's Pokémon Ruby Sleeplocke

How's it going, everyone? Marriland here! And that's right, the Ruby Sleeplocke stream is an epicly long Nuzlocke stream on Pokémon Ruby that must be played through in its entirety before I, Marriland, am able to sleep. That's what makes a Sleeplocke!

This Ruby Sleeplocke was made possible thanks to my Patrons over on my Patreon for their incredible pledges during the month of April. If you'd like to support me and would like to see future Sleeplockes streamed, consider chipping in over at!

Rules of the Ruby Sleeplocke

The Ruby Sleeplocke stream is a non-stop Nuzlocke challenge on Pokémon Ruby, except with a few twists. What defines a Sleeplocke is that the player cannot fall asleep until the challenge is either finished, otherwise they lose, making for a very long playthrough (no, it's not intended to be done as a speed run).

In addition to the standard Nuzlocke rules, the following extra rules have been implemented based on voting conducted by my Patrons on my Patreon:

Wonder Deck

The Wonder Deck is a collection of random effects, called "Wonder Cards" (not the Mystery Gift kind), that are drawn at random at certain intervals. At the top of every hour and after every Gym Badge, I'll draw a card from the Wonder Deck, which will be shown on the stream. You'll be able to see the card that's drawn and whether it's a Nice card, a Mean card, a Funny card, or a dangerous Bad card.

Some Wonder Cards can be saved for later. They say SAVE on the card. Some Wonder Cards are used instantly, some Wonder Cards are used only once after a certain condition is met, and some Wonder Cards have an effect that lasts until the next Wonder Card is drawn (which is when the effect expires).

Want to see a break down of the different Wonder Cards in the default Wonder Deck? You can check them out on this Google Doc.

Want to play along with your own Wonder Deck? Check out my Wonder Deck script so you can draw from your own Wonder Deck, including making your own cards for whatever situation you'd like! (It's still a beta version, but should hopefully work.)

Featured Patrons

Joining me for most of the stream will be two of my Patrons on Patreon, Groose and Wattsun, who have both contributed an incredible amount to me in Patreon to help make this Sleeplocke possible. I recommend you watch all of us in the Multitwitch stream, where you can swap between all of our chats at once. Make sure you have only one of the stream's volumes turned up, though!

On top of that, several other awesome Patrons will have their teams shown in the bottom-left corner of the layout, and it will update as they play through with their own Ruby, Sapphire, or Emerald Sleeplocke challenge! It will rotate every minute to a different Patron.